New Fiction and Old Books in New Bindings

Paperback book.

*Advance Review Copy * Vroom-Vroom; Grume! is an exercise in style, a queer sci-fi adventure in which the world is not quite as it seems and nothing goes as planned — documenting a period of time the whole galaxy would eventually come to regret.

Pansy, a short story collection by Geoffrey Bridgman.

Pansy, a short story collection by Geoffrey Bridgman, wrapped in painted paper treated with konyakku powder with decorative pearls on the spine in some editions, and googly eyes in others.

Lumpy Log by Clara Lip. A book of poetry wrapped in decorative paper.

Lumpy Log by Clara Lip is a tete-beche binding in painted paper.

Transcriptions by Katherine Finkelstein

A meditation on loss and the search for meaning in beauty and the sea on which we all float, Transcriptions is a meditation on art by photographer Katherine Finkelstein.

Book by Damon Stang.

A grimoire and book of poetry by witch Damon Stang, a practictioner of the tarot who has studied and practiced the art of reading and seeing for over 20 years. The piece chronicles his love of trees, stemming from his childhood in rural South Africa and following his life all the way to present day Brooklyn. Taking place on the eve of Imbolc.

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