Publisher's Forward

The Enthusiast is a sanctuary press founded on the unprecedented generosity of the unemployment program in the period of the pandemic. We are sworn to no less a cause than the welfare of animals, plants and people — as well as the continuation of democracy itself — and we find solace in the work of writers who, far from being able to thrive in the mainstream, haven't necessarily found their footing in a subculture. So if you're part of an underrepresented community, constitutionally constrained, dispossessed, have something to say, are desperate to air your grievances, harbor resentments against your fellow man, or are tired of people harboring so many resentments and airing them in public, we are probably looking for your work. The Enthusiast is dedicated to the creation of camp bindings and, in queer fashion, will leave the specifics of its hydra-headed opposition to the stultifying uniformity of the state open to its authors, not wanting to impose our vision upon your work.